It is recommended that you do not open mobile banking, why can't you just open mobile banking? ,

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about suggesting that you should not open mobile banking, so the editor has compiled a related introduction and suggested that you should not open mobile banking. , let's take a look. Why can't I open mobile banking casually? Why can't I open mobile banking casually? First of all, the mobile phone number you use may not be the reserved mobile phone number of the bank, so the registration is unsuccessful. Secondly, some banks cannot handle mobile phone numbers without real-name authentication. Third, you may have other bank cards registered with the bank before, so you cannot register now. It is recommended that you bring the card and ID card that need to be registered for mobile banking to the bank counter. Opening process of online banking: 1. Open the official website of the bank, enter the certificate number or online banking login user name and login password to complete the login. 2. Click [Apply for Activation] - [Mobile Banking] - [Activate Mobile Banking], fill in the relevant information according to the system prompts, and then activate the mobile banking. 2. After entering the mobile banking interface, find the [Self-Registration Close] button and click it. 3. Review the Personal Electronic Banking Service Agreement of Postal Savings Bank of China, and click "Next". 4. After filling in the corresponding information according to the system prompts, set the login password. Operating environment: Postal Savings Bank version 7.0.4 counter opening process: 1. Take your ID card, bank card and mobile phone to the bank branch. 2. Ask the counter staff to open mobile banking, reserve a mobile phone number, and set an online banking login password. 3. Download the mobile banking client, and download the bank-specific client from the bank's mobile application download center. Expanded information: Benefits of open mobile banking 1. Simple operation: When there is no mobile banking, we need to go to the bank to handle a lot of business. With mobile banking, businesses such as salary inquiries, transfers, and remittances can all be handled through mobile banking. 2. Purchase wealth management products: mobile banking generally has bank wealth management products. People with high risk tolerance can trade precious metals through Postal Savings Mobile Banking, and those with low risk tolerance can choose to buy funds and bonds. 3. Convenient service: In addition to financial services, mobile banking also provides many life services, such as top-up and payment, purchase of movie tickets, local services, special commodities, etc. 4. Quick loan: Generally, you need to apply for a loan at a bank branch, But in fact, mobile banking has loan products. Taking Postal Savings Bank mobile banking as an example, there are a variety of loan products, such as postal salary loans, small cooperative loans, small and micro easy loans, etc., and users can choose independently. So far, the above is the end of the editor’s introduction to the problem of suggesting that you do not open mobile banking. I hope that the one-point answer about suggesting that you do not open mobile banking will be useful to everyone.

It is recommended that you do not open mobile banking, why can't you just open mobile banking? ,


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