What is the difference between Maofeng and Maojian? ,Huangshan Maofeng Tea Pictures Daquan

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Hi everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the Maofeng Tea Pictures Encyclopedia, so the editor has sorted out a related introduction to Maofeng Tea The answer to the picture Daquan, let us take a look. What is the difference between Maofeng and Maojian? What is the difference between Maofeng and Maojian? 1. Different origins Both types of tea belong to green tea, but their origins are quite different. There are many origins of Maofeng, mainly in Emei, Zunyi, Wuyi and other places. Among them, the most famous one is Huangshan Maofeng, which is known as Huangshan Maofeng. It is one of the top ten famous teas in my country. The main producing area of Maojian is Xinyang, Henan, and Maojian is also famous in China. In addition, Weishan Maojian, Dujun Maojian, Zhuxi Maojian, etc. are also very good teas. 2. Different shapes. Maofeng and Maojian are also relatively similar in appearance, both in the shape of a cord, but there are also slight differences. The shape of Maofeng is slightly curly and tight, and it looks more like a tongue. The color is emerald green, greenish yellow, Ye Shen Yinhao is revealed. The shape of the hair tip is thin and straight, round and smooth, and the color is emerald green. The leaf body is covered with a layer of green and covered with silver. 3. Different production processes Maofeng and Maojian have a relatively large difference in the production process. Generally speaking, Maofeng belongs to baked green tea, while Maojian belongs to Chaoqing green tea. The production process of Maofeng is relatively simple, mainly including picking fresh leaves , Finishing and kneading, initial drying, lifting, and re-drying five processes, while Maojian production has as many as nine processes, mainly including screening, spreading, finishing, rolling, unblocking, stripping, initial drying, and cooling Although the production procedures of rebaking and rebaking are different, the production process of the two kinds of tea is very particular, and there are many precautions in each process. 4. The taste is different. Due to the difference in tea land and production process, although both belong to green tea, there are some differences in the taste of the two kinds of tea. Refreshing, very good taste, memorable. After Maojian is brewed, the tea soup presents a bright green color, exudes a tall and ripe chestnut-like aroma, the taste is sweet and refreshing, and the aftertaste is endless. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Maofeng Tea Pictures, and I hope that the one-point answer about Maofeng Tea Pictures will be useful to everyone.

What is the difference between Maofeng and Maojian? ,Huangshan Maofeng Tea Pictures Daquan


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