Gold surging, what does surging mean? , Jinpai charging treasure

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about Jinpai, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce Jinpai, let us work together Let's see. Surging mean? Surging mean?澎湃péngpài(1) [surge](2) Describes the impact of violent waves that make a loud noise. ——Song·Su Shi's "The Story of Shizhong Mountain" surging waves (3) Refers to the majestic and majestic revolutionary tides such as momentum and momentum sweeping across the country Quoting and explaining 1. The waves hit each other. Volume 8 of "Yiwen Lei Gathering" quotes Wei Caopi of the Three Kingdoms "Canghai Fu": "The stormy sea is violent, and the dance is surging." "Song Sushi's "The Story of Shizhong Mountain": "Speak loudly on the water... If you look at it slowly, you will find that there are stone caves under the mountain, and you don't know its depth. "Water coming from the sky": "When I think of the Yellow River, more rivers emerge in my eyes, surging." 2. Extended to shock. Chapter Two of Part A of Kang Youwei's "Book of Great Harmony": "Ten thousand boats are like covered leaves, and floating corpses are like ants, drifting with the current, listening to the surging wind." 3. The sound of water waves hitting each other. Tang Hanyu's "Send Huishi" poem: "The breeze blows the wood and stone, and the surging smell of Shaojun." Qing Li Yu's "Nai He Tian·Deformation": "How strange is the voice of people surging!" Qu Qiubai's "Hungry Township Chronicle" 12: " The sound of surging turbines and the sound of howling wind and snow are like thousands of troops galloping forward." 4. Describe the momentum as huge. Gong Erwei's "Feelings and Blunt Rhyme about Han Affairs": "In the future, the trend will become more and more surging, and I am afraid to see the earth walk in chariots." On the one hand, passionate works with exaggerated and imaginative nature are regarded as weeds; on the other hand, the view of reality is also limited." Ba Jin's "Death" Chapter Six: "As soon as Li Leng arrived in Shanghai, he was shocked. The baptism of the new trend of thought that is gradually surging.” At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor’s questions about Jinpai. I hope that the one-point answer about Jinpai will be useful to everyone.

Gold surging, what does surging mean? , Jinpai charging treasure


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