Three elements of Tieguanyin brewing How to brew Tieguanyin tea? , Matters concerning the three elements of Tieguanyin brewing

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the three elements of Tieguanyin brewing, so the editor has sorted out 2 related introductions The answer to the three elements of Tieguanyin brewing, let us have a look together. How to brew Tieguanyin tea? How to brew Tieguanyin? How to brew Tieguanyin tea? 1. Wash the cup. Before brewing, wash the cup with boiling water. Tieguanyin requires both the temperature of the vessel and the temperature of the water so that the inner quality can be brought into full play. 2. Put the tea, use a teaspoon to take an appropriate amount of Tieguanyin tea leaves and put them into a tureen. There is no need for too much tea, usually about half of the tea bowl. 3. To wash the tea, pour boiling water into the tureen, scald the tea leaves for two to three seconds, then pour out the tea washing water; it is used to wake up the tea and clean impurities. 4. Brewing. In the process of brewing tea, the choice of water is a crucial step. If the water quality is not good, it will directly affect the color, aroma and taste of the tea. Therefore, people often say that good water makes good tea. The high flushing of the hanging pot, the flushing of Tieguanyin is suitable for high flushing. The specific operation method is to lift the kettle, aim at the teacup, first low and then high flushing, so that the tea leaves can fully stretch with the rotation of the water. After pouring into boiling water, you must wait for one to two minutes to fully release the unique aroma and rhyme in the tea. The time should not be too long, otherwise the "cooked soup will lose its flavor", so the waiting time must be moderately grasped . 5. Appreciate the color of the soup and drink Tieguanyin. Don't rush to drink it. You should first observe the color of the tea. The soup color of the real high-quality Tieguanyin is clear, golden and bright, which is pleasing to the eye. 6. Smell the fragrance carefully. After watching the tea color, start to smell its fragrance. The fragrance of Tieguanyin is mixed with the fragrance of orchid and sweet-scented osmanthus in the tea fragrance. The fragrance is overflowing and refreshing. 7. After observing the tea soup, start to taste its taste, take a small sip of the hot product, the flavor is long, when you take a sip lightly, hold it in your mouth, and slowly send it into your throat, you will feel the mouth and tongue are full of fluid, and the teeth and cheeks are fragrant. It is most pleasant to be resuscitated and breezy. Only after drinking Tieguanyin, you will know what is the fragrance of teeth and cheeks. Tieguanyin is not durable to brew, so you have to pour out all the tea after each brewing. If no one needs it at this time, you would rather pour out the excess tea than let the tea soak in water for a long time, otherwise it will have a bitter taste. Tieguanyin generally does not exceed seven levels of water. If it is spring tea, it is basically five levels. After no obvious tea fragrance, it belongs to tea dregs. Tieguanyin does not taste better as it ages. , and the best Tieguanyin has acidity, if it exists for a long time, the acidity will gradually lose. Regarding the brewing of Tieguanyin, there is no other way, that is, experience plus practice. This is the best way. How to brew Tieguanyin? Tieguanyin brewing method Step 1. Wash the cup Use boiling water to wash the tea set and warm the cup at the same time, which can better awaken the tea quality of the tea. Step 2. Falling tea: Take an appropriate amount of Tieguanyin tea and put it in a teapot. The amount of tea can be 3-5 grams according to personal taste. Step 3. Brewing tea Use the high flushing method to raise the kettle and pour the boiled water into the teapot to stir the tea leaves. Then quickly pour out the tea, and pour water in the same way to brew. Step 4. Scraping Foam Gently scrape off the white foam and tea powder floating on the teapot with the lid to make it fresh and clean. Step 5. Pour the tea. After simmering for about 15 seconds, you can pour the tea into the fair pot. Step 6. Divide the tea and then pour the tea from the fair pot evenly into each small teacup. The correct brewing method of Tieguanyin Step 7. Watching the tea Watch the color of the tea in the cup, the clear and bright tea soup color, and the faint orchid aroma, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. Step 8. Tasting the tea Sip it carefully, smell it while sipping it, and drink it lightly. Slowly feel the lingering fragrance of Tieguanyin tea on the teeth and cheeks, fresh and sweet, with a special taste. 1. The tea set for making tea should be selected correctly. It is recommended to choose Kung Fu tea white porcelain cup set, so that when brewing, you can not only enjoy the delicate and elegant tea fragrance when Tieguanyin is brewed, but also appreciate the graceful posture of Tieguanyin leaf stretching in the water. Crystal clear tea soup. Choosing the right tea set is more helpful for brewing delicious Tieguanyin. Some tea sets are even worse for making such tea, which affects the performance of the tea. 2. When making tea, it is very important to control the water temperature for brewing Tieguanyin. A suitable water temperature is conducive to the leaching of the aroma, taste and rich contents of Tieguanyin. Ordinary Tieguanyin can properly lower the water temperature to around 95°C. 3. The amount of tea to make tea should be appropriate. How much tea leaves do you need to brew Tieguanyin? According to the intensity of personal taste. Generally speaking, it is recommended to add 7-8 grams of dried Tieguanyin tea to brew more than 7 times. If you like to drink something lighter, you can put less, but remember not to put more, or it will be too bitter. 4. The method of making tea should be accurate. Before brewing, you can warm the cup with boiling water, and then add 7~8g of Tieguanyin dry tea. After warming and washing the tea, in order to protect the fluff on the surface of the delicate tea leaves and avoid the violent tumbling of the tea leaves in the cup, water should be poured along the wall of the white porcelain tureen or glass to ensure the clearness of the tea soup. 5. The tea soup time should be well controlled. After washing the tea, slowly inject boiling water for the second time. The Tieguanyin is left in the cup for about 10 seconds, and it is enough to keep it for about 25-30 seconds before pouring the tea into the cup. When there are many bubbles in the later stage, the water can be reheated to boiling, and then brewed. 6. Choose the water for making tea. It is advisable to choose high-quality mineral water or mountain spring water for brewing, preferably soft water (low mineral content). This can further stimulate the activity and fragrance of Tieguanyin. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the three elements of Tieguanyin brewing. I hope that the 2-point answer about the three elements of Tieguanyin brewing will be useful to everyone.

Three elements of Tieguanyin brewing How to brew Tieguanyin tea? , Matters concerning the three elements of Tieguanyin brewing


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